Security Review
MeticulousOrbit's expert review and assessment services identify security risks through deep analysis of your systems, architectures, code, and configurations. Our knowledgeable consultants use proven methodologies to evaluate your environment and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.
Threat Surface Analysis
Our comprehensive threat surface analysis maps all externally facing assets across your digital environment. We discover and catalog endpoints, applications, services, data flows, network connections and any other potential exposures. Our automated scanning combined with manual review ensures visibility of both known and unknown threats. We analyze findings to classify risk levels of each exposure based on vulnerability severity and potential impact. This enables intelligent prioritization of security efforts on highest risks.

Why Choose MeticulousOrbit : Our blended automated and manual testing methodologies along with risk-focused analysis provide complete visibility of external threats to make strategic security decisions.
Source Code Review
MeticulousOrbit's source code review examines application source code early in development to uncover vulnerabilities like injection flaws, improper validation, insecure data handling, unsound encryption, and more. Our manual code reviews are performed by senior application security consultants adept at identifying weaknesses in languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP and others. We find issues early when they are easiest to fix, saving time and cost.

Why Choose MeticulousOrbit : Our consultants leverage decades of collective experience performing code reviews for top companies worldwide, enabling identification of subtle issues others may miss.
Cloud Architecture Review
We thoroughly evaluate cloud architecture designs including deployments on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others. Reviews assess compliance, adherence to security best practices, access controls, data protection methods, and operational resilience. We examine factors like IAM policies, logging/monitoring, container configuration, serverless security, and more. This identifies risks and encourages cloud-native security.

Why Choose MeticulousOrbit : Our cloud security experts have reviewed dozens of complex cloud environments and stay on top of the latest cloud security issues and remediation methods.
Network Segmentation Testing
MeticulousOrbit tests network segmentation controls to determine if proper boundaries are in place and identify weaknesses like device misconfigurations that could enable unauthorized lateral movement. Our combination of specialized tools and techniques effectively probe internal network segmentation to validate traffic restrictions and uncover risks.

Why Choose MeticulousOrbit : We focus exclusively on network security engagements enabling refinement of proven network segmentation testing methodologies.
Configuration Review
Our consultants review configurations of servers, devices, applications, cloud platforms and more for adherence to security best practices, compliance requirements, and internal policies. This identifies areas of risk and guides enhancement of system hardening. We evaluate factors like patch levels, authentication settings, encryption strength, logging/monitoring, user access controls and more based on established configuration baselines.

Why Choose MeticulousOrbit : Our experience with diverse technologies and environments provides extensive knowledge of optimal configurations for security and compliance.
Minimum Security Baseline (MSB)
MeticulousOrbit helps create or refine your minimum security baseline providing technology-specific configuration checklists to systematically harden security. Our baselines derive from industry standards like CIS Benchmarks combined with learnings from past engagements. We customize baselines to align with your specific tech stack and risks. Baselines establish configuration minimums for server types, cloud services, applications, devices and more.

Why Choose MeticulousOrbit : Our experience allows blending of authoritative industry frameworks with internal knowledge to craft customized baselines matching your needs.
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