We are MeticulousOrbit.

We are a seasoned team of passionate, experienced, and highly qualified cybersecurity professionals, motivated by excellence, partnership, and innovation. We are – and have always been – maniacally focused on the client experience.

Transforming The Pentesting Industry

MeticulousOrbit has transformed pentesting into a strategic practice through innovative technologies, the sharpest skills, and most comprehensive suite of offensive security testing – Attack Surface Management, Penetration Testing as a Service, and Breach and Attack Simulation.

Our People

With deep roots in pentesting and robust training programs, we are the most highly skilled manual testing team in the industry.

Operational Excellence

Our methodology is efficient, rigorous, and consistent. Expect high-quality results that are measurable and actionable.

Game-Changing Technology

Our tech provides continuous transparency into your testing engagements and results. Manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle, from discovery to remediation.


The depth and breadth of the MeticulousOrbit team is unmatched. We have the resources, experience, and technology to be flexible and enable our customers to innovate with confidence.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe pentesting is a vital element of your organization’s security program maturity and innovation goals. MeticulousOrbit serves as an extension of its customer teams to help them better understand, prioritize, and mitigate risk to the business.

Consistent Processes

From project management workflows and practitioner guides to standardized checklists and pentesting playbooks, we have formalized quality assurance and oversight to deliver consistent results.