Orbit Shield leverages 100+ open-source data feeds encompassing surface, deep and dark web to uncover unknown threats. Our automated platform gathers intelligence on exposed assets, vulnerabilities, risks, and maps interconnected attack vectors.
Key Benefits
Comprehensive Attack Surface Visibility :
Orbit Shield maps hidden entry points, forgotten systems, misconfigurations and weaknesses that evade internal scans. Expand visibility before adversaries do.
Continuous Risk Monitoring :
24/7 data feeds provide dynamic security insights and alerts tuned to your environment for proactive defence.
Intuitive Threat Analytics :
Interactive dashboards visualize your interconnected threat landscape - assets, software, ports, domains, geo-locations, vulnerabilities, and risks.
Prioritized Mitigation Guidance :
Focus resources on addressing critical risks first based on automated exposure models and risk scorings.
Hardened Resilience:
Strengthen defences by securing vulnerabilities before exploits. Plug security gaps with intelligence.
Gain Unparalleled Exposure Coverage
Orbit Shield gathers and analyses data from over 60 open sources - registries, repositories, intelligence feeds, technical forums, leaked databases and more. Our optimized algorithms integrate fragmented signals into unified visibility.
"Discover how Orbit Shield, our innovative new product, can provide unparalleled threat surface coverage and utilize patented data fusion to enhance your organization's resilience against targeted threats. Join us as we introduce this cutting-edge solution to the market."
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